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Yes, Punjab, the north Indian state, is well known for its rich-hearted people, great hospitality, vivid colors, and so much more that Canada has its mini ‘Punjab’. Punjab has retained its rural beauty with its lush green fields, traditional mud houses, colorful markets, and cultural richness, providing a picturesque film backdrop. The Punjab film city has created a replica of the rural landscape set up with its mind-blowing village sets, a popular destination for filmmakers. 

With a resurgence in Punjabi cinema, many new and exciting films are being made in the province. Bollywood and Hollywood have always been in awe of Punjab and its ‘tashan‘. Movies and series like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Jab We Met, and Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin have been shot in the province, including The World Is Not Enough and The Punisher. Thus Punjab will continue to be a chosen place for filmmakers in the coming times. 


Punjab’s rural landscape includes lush green fields, traditional mud houses, colorful markets, frescoes, and vibrant culture. Punjab Film City, with the best village sets in Punjab, is a popular choice for filmmakers looking to capture the essence of rural India on the silver screen.

Why Choose Village Sets in Punjab By Punjab Film City?

Punjab Film City is a world-renowned production house known for its shooting location, especially its village sets. Punjab Film City is known for its impeccable rural and urban studios in the heart of Punjab, India. With a staff of over 100 highly skilled professionals, Punjab Film City can provide its clients with the best possible service and product.

One of the reasons why Punjab Film City is such a popular choice for film productions is because of its village sets. We are on the outskirts of the city limits and wildly popular for our village sets which are ideal for shooting outdoor scenes. These village sets in Punjab reek of authentic Indian architecture and lush landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop for any film or television show set in rural India. Another benefit of filming in these village sets is that it allows productions to save on costs by not building their own sets from scratch.

Besides this village sets in Punjab by Punjab Film City being the perfect backdrop for all kinds of shoots, there are several reasons why filmmakers and production houses choose village sets in Punjab offered by Punjab Film City for their film shoots:


The village sets that maintain the full authenticity of Punjab’s villages for film shoots have been created. They have traditional architecture and lush green fields, which provide a realistic backdrop for films that accurately portray rural life in Punjab or northern India. No one else can match our village sets’ aesthetic and authentic appeal in Punjab.


Punjab Film City provides well-equipped village sets with all modern amenities, making it convenient for filmmakers to shoot their films without arranging individual locations or sets. The village sets are designed to replicate the look and feel of real villages, saving time and effort in scouting for suitable shooting locations. It helps to curtail production costs to a great level which is a great benefit for the producers.


Punjab Film City is strategically located. Its proximity with the Tricity gives it good connectivity to major cities and airports. It makes it utterly convenient for film crews to travel to the shooting location and transport their equipment and crew. 

Professional Support: Punjab Film City has a team that bears the hallmark of unmatched professionalism. The team excels in providing professional support, including production services, technical assistance, and skilled local talent, making it easier for filmmakers to carry out their shoots smoothly. They make it easier for the filmmakers to shoot and equally welcoming for the couples who want to have an all-in-love pre-wedding shoot in village sets in Punjab.


Our village sets have the reputation of being the most cost-effective compared to other shooting locations. It eliminates the need for extensive location scouting and allows for better control over production costs. Punjab Film City offers a range of packages and options to suit different budgets, making it an attractive choice for filmmakers.

Safety and Security:

Punjab Film City provides a controlled and secure shooting environment, ensuring the safety and security of the film crew, equipment, and talent. It is especially important for film productions that require elaborate setups and larger crews.

Still, wondering where to find village sets in Punjab for your spectacular shoots? With Punjab Film City, you need not think twice but contact our team to experience the best shooting experience in the heartland of Punjab, Mohali.

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